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Master The Host Stand With Waitku Waitlist For Restaurants

The iPad Waitlist App that empowers your front-of-house staff and reduces chaos during service.

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The Power Is In Your Hands

  • Reduce Waiting For Guests
  • Get More Turns Per Service
  • Bring Order To The Host Stand
  • Quote Accurate Wait Times
  • Own Service and Stay In Control

Get Waitku For iPad Host Stand Management!

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Rock The Host Stand With The Easy To Use iPad Waitlist App

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  • Seat walk-ins in one tap
  • Custom “Table's Ready!” SMS Texts
  • Reduce guest abandonment
  • Included iPhone companion app
  • Built in CRM guestbook with guest notes
  • No Risk Promise
  • No contract
  • No obligation
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Your Restaurant Waitlist App. No Limitations

  • Unlimited Tech Support For All Staff
  • Unlimited Custom Text Messages
  • Unlimited Waitlist Seatings Without Fees
  • Unlimited Training and Customer Service
  • Unlimited Multi-iPad Sync

You Really Can Have It All!

You Get All This With Your Free Trial Of Waitku Waitlist For Restaurants

Custom layout

Personalized Floor Plans

We build a detailed custom layout of your restaurant within 24 hours


1-to-1 Training

You get one-to-one training at a time that works for you (it only takes about 15 minutes!)

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In-Depth Restaurant Waitlist Analytics

Robust Tracking And Reporting

Rezku Back Office analytics for Waitku
  • Downloadable Spreadsheets and Infographics
  • Gain Insight To Improve Operations
  • Slash Wait Times and Shorten Lines
  • Detailed Data That’s Easy To Understand
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Rezku Knows Restaurants

The Waitku table management app for iPad includes access to Rezku’s award winning, US-based customer service and support team.


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