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Waitku Waitlist Tablet App

Free Restaurant Waitlist Tablet App.1

Waitku helps you manage your waitlist, floors, tables, server rotations and walk-in guests.

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Serve your guests more efficiently.

Speed up the host stand by using software that accurately predicts estimated wait times. Utilize Waitku’s texting ability to let guests know their table is ready. Designed for restaurants of all sizes.

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Rezku Diner app allows your customers to find your restaurant and view their place on the waitlist. Upload and manage your restaurant's profile at

Guests can track or amend their position on the waitlist using our Rezku App.

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Industry leading analytics and statistical analysis of your front of house operations give you an added advantage. Review and analyze key factors such as wait times, turn times and table utilization. Compare server efficiencies, guest stats, and front of house operations across multiple locations, by service, time, or location.

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Table Manager App

Table Manager App helps busy restaurants more effectively manage their tables. Use any device to update table status without using the Waitku system.

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Waitlist Kiosk App

Waitlist Kiosk allows your guests to add themselves to your waitlist without having to wait in line at the host stand. When used in conjunction with the Rezku diner app, the guest will be given an appropriate wait time based off Waitku Tablet's advanced management system.

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