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Your Restaurant Host Stand Command Center

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Table management

Table Management

Imagine your host stand as a control center for your service

Server management

Server Management

Take command of your team using Waitku

Waitlist management

Waitlist Management

Reduce guest wait times with Waitku

Back Office analytics

Back Office Analytics

Seat more guests faster with Waitku


Table Management

• Quick-seat walk-ins with a tap so your eyes are always on your guests

• View table seating time to anticipate when guests will leave

• Simple drag and drop interface for moving guests from the waitlist

• Use a second tablet at the bus station to mark tables ready

• Create table groupings ahead of time or on the fly

• Enable auto-assign for sophisticated seating optimization

Server Management

• Assign servers to tables manually or auto-rotate

• Pre-assign servers to sections with their own colors

• See how many covers each server is handling

• Change server assignment with just a tap

Waitlist Management

• Add guests notes for preferences, events and allergies

• Accurate wait time estimates using advanced algorithm

• Integration with LRS guest pager systems

• Table ready SMS text notifications at no additional cost

Back Office Analytics

• Guestbook CRM stores all past waitlist users

• View date range for covers and see Waitku helps you seat more

• Reduce abandonment by providing accurate wait time estimates

• Use infographics to compare quoted wait times with actual

• Tighten up turn times for tables using accurate estimates